Relationships are the containers of our lives

Is your life contained in a nurturing and supportive relationship or one with judgment, anger and fear? Those whom we love and invite into our lives (including our children) feel the emotions and energy we place into this container and it is from this place that they learn to experience their lives.

We begin with a fresh, honest and compassionate assessment of the relationship that has developed. Each member begins to gain clarity as to what he or she would like to bring into the relationship. Next, as a group, we establish relationship agreements that support an environment for each member to grow and to heal.

Once in couple’s work you each continue to grow as individuals while learning new ways of communicating and connecting to your partner. This is truly a transformative process for relationships!


“When I first began seeing Katie, I was stuck. I didn’t know whether to stay in my marriage or leave. Katie’s gentle, clear and compassionate style allowed me to see that first I had to focus on me and clearing up my “fog”. I followed through and was amazed at the insight and wisdom I had within myself all along. My husband and I ended up in couples counseling and once again Katie showed up with such grace and integrity as she held us both up to our highest self. I am so proud to say that now my marriage is the greatest source of joy, love and friendship that I have ever experienced.” J. Monroe

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