Professional Counseling can support a healthy relationship to your work and career.

In professional counseling space is created to safely explore how your work life can more accurately reflect who you are as a person. Work life experiences can provide endless opportunities for growth professionally as well as personally.

If you are feeling restless and dissatisfied in your career, the place to begin is within. What is being called forward , how do the people I am working with today, reflect areas of growth in my own life, how do I react to authority or what do I do when I feel pressure in my career.

Just like beginning a new love relationship, it is critical to clean up old stories and patterns which you have developed in the work place before beginning a new work relationship.


Areas that can be covered in a Professional Counseling Session:

Lifes Work versus Work Life
Is your work in alignment with your personal integrity and passion?

Career Transition
Is it time to move to a new opportunity? Moving with grace and awareness.

Work Place Dynamics
How is your current work situation a reflection of the rest of your life? And how to heal it?

Small Business Support
When you are a small business owner having a sounding board is critical for confident decision making!

New to Workforce
What are your options and where is your passion!