Personal counseling

There are a multitude of reasons why people seek individual counseling. While the reasons vary in scope and emotion, they all point back to relationship. Relationship with work, body image, family, spirit, intimate partner and ultimately, relationship with self.

We each learn early in our lives how to “show up” in relationship. Unfortunately, the skills which we developed early in life many not serve us as we strive to have balanced and healthy relationships as an adult. This can show up in work, where we over function, experiencing burn out and resentment.  In our personal relationships, we may attract people who are emotionally unavailable or distant. Or we may have developed a different set of relationship tools where we attract those who are needy, leaving us feeling that life is a series of duties to be performed for everyone else.  A life time of not having our authentic needs met can lead to issues of addiction; over spending, eating, drinking, sex, internet and the list goes on,  to numb the feeling of dissatisfaction. My belief is that when we heal the underlying “misunderstanding” of how we show up in relationship, we can easily release the unhealthy patterns in our life.

Personal Freedom and Joyful living is the birth right of each of us! Take back your freedom today!

“What makes Katie’s practice so different is, first, the compassion she brings on the path to healing. You truly learn to be kind to and nurture yourself. To borrow a line from the song “Perfect” she helps you, “change the voices in your head; make them like you, instead.” The biggest difference, however, is that rather than simply talking about the events that have shaped your life, through Katie’s process you have the power to completely change how you view those events and to finally move past them.”

— B. Seattle

Complimentary Introductory Session

It is important to me that those I work with are a good fit for my practice, so I offer an initial consultation at no charge to determine if we are a match!


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