About Katie Swartz

I have made a commitment to serve as a support and guide for those who are committed to living their lives as fully as possible.

My career began 25 years ago in the world of corporate America. For 17 years I enjoyed a high level of success in sales and executive leadership in the communications industry. My interest in counseling and mentoring has come through my varied experience both personally and professionally. As a leader in the corporate world, much of my time was spent coaching and counseling others to achieve their personal level of excellence professionally while maintaining a balanced life.

I will always be grateful for all that I learned and the wonderful people I had a chance to meet in my earlier career, and there was a always a knowing sense that it wasn’t what I was meant to do. So, I began grad school along with specialized training to learn how to support others to a more connected and loving place within themselves, which translates to healthier happier relationship.

My approach is compassionate and straight forward. We each have a choice to make when relating to the people and situations in our lives. We can approach life from the place of victim or from the place of our own power. My works supports a clear recognition of where in life you may have released your power to another person or situation. We then work together to heal those places which have used the victim position as a way of coping and move to a place of real, honest power based in your personal integrity. Through this work you will break through to a deeper knowing of your authentic nature, past fear and confusion to a fuller way of living.

In 2020 I started Be Meditation, an on line live meditation studio. This is a place where my all can Be. Belong and Become! www.BeMeditation.com

Education and Training

I am a certified counselor in Washington State, I have completed Masters level course work in Mental Health Counseling at Argosy University, Heart Centered Clinical Hypnotherapy and Release Therapy from the Wellness Institute. In my work with couples I utilize the latest techniques and tools developed through Attachment research and Neurobiology, PACT. My work in corporate America provided specialized training in motivational leadership and organizational leadership. My undergraduate degree is in Psychology from the University of Kansas.

Complimentary Introductory Session

It is important to me that those I work with are a good fit for my practice, so I offer an initial consultation at no charge to determine if we are a match!


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