Fearlessly, joyously, with intent & integrity

living a life that is true to my own
personality, spirit, & character.

Complementary Introductory Session

It is important to me that those I work with are a good fit for my practice, so I offer an initial consultation at no charge to determine if we are a good match!

Authentic relationships

The central focus of my practice is relationship. Whether we are exploring your relationship with your partner, work, family or spirit, it always brings us home to relationship with self.

In this work, you will move past old and tired stories to a more powerful and purposeful experience of life. You take the time to clearly understand what you want, need, think and feel in your relationships, while learning tools to communicate this fearlessly. As your authentic voice emerges, your relationships shift, allowing integrity, freedom and joy to thrive.

At our most Authentic, there is only the present, and all of this is experienced with a deep sense of self worth, compassion and personal power.

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Phone & Email Support

Personal counseling clients can choose to have some sessions over the phone as well as between session email support.