Mind Body Workshop

East West Books Seattle
The Body Knowing
1-5 p.m. $35 Adv. $40 Day of Register Now!

Have you noticed times in your life when things just ‘happened'”– the job was right, finances were flowing and relationships felt at ease? This workshop with KATIE SWARTZ, ACHT, and TROY AYLESWORTH will help you to get back and stay “in the flow” of your life. Utilizing meditation, movement, guided imagery and teachings we will develop a fluid connection of mind, body and spirit supporting a consistent and sustained connection to your own Good. You will also enhance your intuitive connection, growing trust in your own wisdom.

Troy is a yoga teacher with passion for understanding the intimate connections between the mind, the body and our experience. His teaching is an explorative practice designed to draw attention to experience at many levels body, breath, thoughts emotions, and self.

The fun, relaxed environment in this class enables you to go deeper and clearly discern your own inner voice.