Renee Benedict
Renee is a gifted and caring healer. She practices 5 elements acupuncture – this work gets results.

Personal Training

Jennifer Malocha
The name says it all – Wuhoo Fitness! Jennifer is a wonderful and motivating personal trainier.


Carol Steinel
I have been working with Carol for about a year and have found her to be profoundly helpful in my journey. She has tremendous wisdom and insight as well as a great sense of humor.

Volunteer Opportunities
Seattle Works is a great resource to connect with one time and on-going volunteer opportunities in your area.

And of course, Craigslist has a volunteers section as well.

Recovery Resources

Alcohol/Chemical Dependency

Eating Disorders

Relationship Addiction

    “The Meadows has comprehensive individual and couples therapy for relationship addiction along with chemical dependency and eating disorders.”


Notes from the Universe
Fun and inspiring daily email – click on Notes from the Universe

Free Rice
Learn words and donate rice to needy people

Painting fun with Jackson Pollack
At this site, you can make a Jackson Pollack painting

Great Minds thinking
Great minds and great speeches. Ideas worth sharing

Peace Tags
Dog tags with inspirational quotes – creating a movement for peace