Healthy Relationship 101 Beginning March 21st

Open Your Life to Relationship Healing Unhealthy Patterns 5 Week Format – Thursday Evenings Beginning March 21st 6 to 9PM In this newly revised series, we will explore and heal the patterns that prevent healthy connection and relationship. This group has supported many to move beyond automatic and tired patterns of relationship. Through teachings, sharing […]

We are so much more!

Bellevue Marriage Counselor – Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Taken

It is important not to forget who your are.  Here is a great quote that i found – Be Yourself Everyone Else Is Taken

Each moment we choose

It is true. Each moment, we choose the nature and content of our relationships. Whether it is by choosing our words, thoughts, intentions or actions, what we put in, we will always get out.  This means, we have a lot of power in creating the relationship’s we desire. Unfortunately, many of us spend more time […]

Teachings from Winnie the Pooh. Reach out for connection.

This says’s it all! 

New Healthy Relationship Series beginning in April

I am looking forward to starting another series this April. We will be doing these workshops over 4 months – 1 weekend a month beginning in April. Check back soon for more details!


So, what is mindfulness? To cite Jon Kabat-Zinn, one of the head honchos in mindfulness research, it is the nonjudgmental attention to experiences in the present moment. And, it typically cultivates in a formal practice such as sitting meditation, walking meditation, or mindful movements. Through this literature review, Lazar and Ott identified four main ways […]

Villains and Victims

  It is tempting to label the experiences in our lives, to create sense and order we label people, ideas, relationships “good or bad”. The truth however is that nothing is ever all good or all bad. We see this a lot in our culture when talking about relationships. There is the Villain, Hero and the […]

What does Healthy look like?

This is a great question, and one that I hear a lot. There is certainly a spectrum of “healthy” when it comes to relationships but there are a few essentials which need to be present for any relationship to thrive. 1. Both feet firmly in the relationship. Recognizing that you and your partner are committed […]

New Workshop Beginning June 30th

Beginning June 30th Evenings 6 to 9 5 Week Healthy Relationships Level 1 This foundational workshop is the beginning point for establishing healthy relationship, at home and work. We cover: Healthy Boundaries The characteristics of the Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor Family Patterns (where this comes from) Understanding shame in keeping us in unhealthy patterns Begin to […]