What does Healthy look like?

This is a great question, and one that I hear a lot. There is certainly a spectrum of “healthy” when it comes to relationships but there are a few essentials which need to be present for any relationship to thrive.

1. Both feet firmly in the relationship.
Recognizing that you and your partner are committed in the relationship allows for a level of safety that supports openness.

2. A high regard for your partner.
An honest and loving regard for your partners feelings, needs and dreams.

3. Assume the best and have GRACE when the best doesn’t show up.
Always assume that your partner has the best interest of the relationship as priority #1. And if for whatever reason you or your partner doesn’t hit the mark, a high level of grace and compassion supports a healthy relationship.

4. Honest and open communication
This one requires a fearlessness that comes from commitment.

5. Willingness to work – and to be wrong
We all have our baggage, and we will always bring it into relationship (I can’t tell you how many times I hear “I was doing so great and then I got into a relationship”) . Relationship’s bring up our “stuff” – a willingness to work on and through your stuff will create a solid and loving relationship!

It is true that couples that play together stay together!

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