Stop and think – where did my idea of what makes something “perfect” come from.

The perfect pie
The perfect steak
The perfect job
The perfect child
The perfect relationship
The perfect me

Our understanding of perfect comes from a “creative” experience of our culture, parents, peers, joys, disappointments, fears and longings. Creative, as in, we create the meaning of these experiences – bringing them into our bank of beliefs through a filter of how we see our self in the world – am I safe; am I worthy; can I trust what I see and know.

There are many places in the process of creating our vision of “perfection” where truth can me covered by fear – where love can be side stepped in an attempt to be safe or to experience ourselves as worthy.

Striving for “perfection” that is created from a place of fear, unworthiness and mistrust manifests much of the pain and anxiety we experience in life.

For a day, just a day – check in. Notice where you have pain, stress or anxiety – is there perfectionism at work? If there is, where did you create this vision of perfect? Is there room for a new way of seeing your situation? If there is – try this simple prayer/mantra: “Today I am open to see things differently, today I am open to see with the eyes of love – I release perfect and embrace MY LIFE”

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